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Signum eMotion

2D marker tracking software

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Signum eMotion is a multimarker tracking software for post-process motion analysis.

With its completely redesigned interface, Windows10 compatibility and competitive pricing, Signum eMotion is the standard for 2D post-process motion analysis in the automotive world.

Signum eMotion is suitable for all major industries

Signum eMotion is a versatile marker tracking solution that fits a variety of different industries - not only the automotive industry.








Quality control

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Measurement capabilities

eMotion enables the measurement of:

  • Speeds

  • Angles

  • Distances

  • Accelerations

  • Conversion of pixel positions to velocity in m/sec

eMotion workflow: Get results in 4 simple steps

Load slow-motion video


eMotion supports all common codecs and video formats incl. AVI and WMV 

Place markers


Point your mouse near a marker and it will be detected automatically. Tracking of different marker types incl. 5-point markers and 4-segment is supported.

Run analysis

Choose between fully-automatic, semi-automatic or manual analysis.

Export results


eMotion delivers pixels & mm output formats. eMotion is compatible with diadem analyzing software.

Products & Availability

Signum eMotion 6

6 point marker tracking software

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Signum eMotion 12

12 point marker tracking software

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