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SMT Studio Playout with real-time graphics

4K-HDR-50p/HD live playout system for videos and stills

Blackhive Studio Playout is a live-playout system for any kind of live production, including news shows and sports shows. Blackhive Studio Playout plays 4K, UHD, HD and SD video files as well as stills. The integrated real-time graphic engine makes it possible to play motion graphics directly from the rundown lists. German state-owned broadcasters have used Blackhive live production systems for past 20 years due to their unmatched intuitive user interface.


Rundown lists & show planning

The heart of Blackhive is its rundown lists and show planning capabilities. With Blackhive`s rundown lists, directors can plan a live show to the exact second. Blackhive supports flexible rundown lists configurations, for example one rundown list for all channels, or individuell rundown lists for each channel. A rundown list can include all types of media for example videos, motion graphics or stills.


» Four-channel playout server designed for live

» broadcast operations

» Integrated real-time graphic engine for broadcast

» graphics, motion graphics, lower thirds, station logos » Completely redeveloped video playback engine with

» 4K HDR, 10 bit, 50fps

» Fully redundant system with two separate power

» supplies, two seperate enclosure and redundant

» media path (optional)

» Server-client system in which all software clients

» work on the same server and latest media files

» Integrated media storage for videos and stills

» Fully automated via MOS protocol (optional)

Four‐channel system with server‐ client configurations


Blackhive server comes with standard four output channels + one graphic output. Blackhive can be accessed via any number of clients running Sigistudio, the operating software. Standard Windows PCs can be used as a client. Blackhive is a server-client-system: All team members work on the same server with the latest media files.

Blackhive configurations.png

Integrated real‐time graphic rendering engine

The new developed rendering engine is directly integrated into the Blackhive Playout System. No additional hardware or software is needed. With the integrated real-time graphics engine, Blackhive turns into a powerful graphics template player, the templates can be edited during the show. The playout of the graphic templates is controlled via Sigistudio, the SMT playout software.


With Sigistudio, operators can control the playback of all motion graphics, animations, corporate graphics, station logos, lower thirds and more with one intuitive user interface. Graphic templates are designed by a graphic artist prior to the show and transferred directly to the Blackhive media storage. Blackhive supports simple 1D graphics like lower thirds as well as complex multi-layer 3D graphics. Applications for Blackhive with real-time graphics include all types of live shows, news shows, election shows, sports and teleshopping.

SMT Playout channels.png

Studio in a box. Built‐in switcher and transition effects

Sigistudio has a built-in broadcast switcher with transition effects that can be applied to any of the videos, stills and graphics located in the rundown list. With this feature, Sigistudio becomes a simple but powerful studio-in-a-box system that can be used to plan, create and produce entire live shows.

Supported output formats





» 19” rack mount enclosure

» W: 48,26 cm (19") H: 4U/ 17,80 cm (10,5")

» Master / slave configuration 2 * 4HU D: 68,50 cm (26,59")


Operating Temperature:

+10 C° to + 35C°


Operating System:

» WIN 10 professionell 64 bit

» 32 GB RAM

» 2 Xeon Multi-Core CPUs

» 1/10Gbit ethernet networking

» SSD storage

» 750W power supply redundancy

» DVD drive, mouse, keyboard


Hard Drives and Storage:

» SSD system disk

» SSD data disk (RAID)


» 1 IN (Fill, 12G)

» 1Out (Fill & Key, 12G)

» 2 OUTs (Fill, 12G)

» 1/10Gbit ethernet networks


Video Formats:

» 4K 4096 x 2160 50p/60p

» UHD 3840 x 2160 50i/50p/60p

» HD 1920 x 1080 50i/50p/59,9i/59,9p

» HD 1280 x 720p 50p

» SD 720 x 576 50i

» SD 720 x 480 59,9i

All video formats support 8/10-bit 4:2:2, SDR or HDR output

Supported codecs and media formats


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