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Cloud Playout

Build your own cloud. Cloud-in-a-box solution for broadcasters & streaming channels. 100% cloud based all-in-one solution for linear television

Cloud Playout forplayout centers - Build your own cloud system

Cloud playout: Streamlined workflows from everywhere in the world


A cloud playout system with dramatically simplified hardware components

Advantages of Cloud Playout

  • PlayMateOne box does everything

  • Launch new channels within hours

  • Quick expansion of business

  • Ingest, manage and transport content, free of geographic boundaries

  • Preparation of playlists via web based clients from everywhere in the world

  • Geographically distributed playout servers can act like one single entity

  • Virtually unlimited scalable configurations

  • Extremely simple layout and competitive price-performance ratio

  • Dramatically reduced hardware requirements compared with cloud playout systems from others

  • Ultra flexible IP layout, virtually unlimited scalability

  • Easily back scalable when removing channels, use resources which become available for other tasks

  • Manage all graphics and channel branding via web client

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