Live playout system for broadcast and live events

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Content Automation for Playout Centers

and Satellite Operators


SMT, formerly Signum Bildtechnik wins the German Design Award in the category "Excellence in Business to Business" with its patented Camera Tracking System for VR broadcast studios.


SMT developed a revolutionary new tracking system that is purely software-based, a so-called through-the-lens tracking system. No additional hardware is needed. The camera detects markers and calculates the position for the VR render engine. 

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SMT is proud to work for these state-of-the-art broadcasters

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About SMT Munich, formerly Signum Bildtechnik

SMT Munich, formerly Signum Bildtechnik is a german manufacturer of broadcast and streaming equipment. Signum was founded in 1995 in Munich. Our in-house developed products have a high reputation with many large TV-stations for over 20 years. Our goal is to build solutions that interwork excellently with other systems. We rely on our highly-skilled engineers to create optimal solutions that meet your workflow requirements. All of SMT Munich's products are designed in-house and individually tailored to the client’s needs. With its world-class enterprise support and over-the-air diagnostics, SMT delivers unmatched reliability for live broadcasting operations.