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Compatible with most common standards

Signum eMotion supports all common codecs and video formats incl. AVI and WMV. For further analysis Signum eMotion is fully compatible with Diadem formats. Signum eMotion supports the usage of different marker types incl. 5-point markers and 4-segment markers. 


Tracking engine made by Signum

More then 5 million lines of source code went into the heart of eMotion: The Signum tracking engine. It handles massive loads and guarantees precise motion tracking even in low-light conditions.


Simple and clean user interface 

Our clients told us: We want a software that is precise and simple to use. We listened. Our engineers redesigned the user interface from the scratch. Clean & efficient, designed for 24/7 operations and optimized for fast analysis.


Reliable like a workhorse

eMotion does not rely on hundreds of external libraries like competitors do. Instead Signum programmed everything inhouse. All software properties are owned by Signum. Thats the reason why eMotion is a rock-stable workhorse that you can rely on.

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