Signum CMS 

Signum CMS is a digital media archive providing fast and easy access to images, sequences and videos for live productions.

Signum Content Management System is the central part of the studio solution. Additional products and functions like the signum.AutoImportServer provide manual or automatically media import from external sources which can be used for video and TV-productions. A combination with the Signum Video Server is extending the capabilities of signum.CMS enormously to make it a common and fully integrated platform. Thus changing of metadata, creation of playlists and the direct playout from a server is enabled. The user has a large number of features and tools which can easily be used and applied.

Powerful search algorithms provide simple and easy search of media in very large and complex media archives. Within the Signum CMS solution a user may extend the solution by dedicated Signum functions like Thesaurus and cast archive.

Via a MOS-interface a connection to systems from other OEMs is enabled. E.g. in case such OEMs are not providing its own media archives, they can create their playlists etc. by means of the signum.CMS.

The signum.CMS is accessible via Web-Clients SigiStudio.Web or the SigiStudio.Client which is a powerful tool to access video servers and other devices from any location.