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Signum eMotion

Signum eMotion is a multimarker tracking software
for post-process motion analysis.

With its completely redesigned interface, Windows10 compatibility and competitive pricing, Signum eMotion is the standard for 2D post-process motion analysis in the automotive world.

Signum eMotion is the industry standard for more then 20 years

Since we started with Signum Automotive 20 years ago leading hightech companies, universities, and developers decided

for Signum automotive products.

Signum eMotion is suitable for all major industries

Signum eMotion is a versatile marker tracking solution that fits a variety of different industries - not only the automotive industry.

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Quality control

  • Speeds

  • Angles

  • Distances

  • Accelerations

  • Conversion of pixel positions to velocity in m/sec

Measurement capabilities

eMotion enables the measurement of:

Measurement capabilities

  • Precise 2D marker tracking with Signum’s new developed motion tracking engine

  • Tracking of up to 8 markers

  • Tracking of different marker types incl. 5-point and 4-segment markers

  • Resolution independent image processing, monochrome and color

  • Support of AVI formats utilizing codecs installed on the windows system

  • Export of analysis results as .txt file format: position, speed  acceleration, relative positions

  • Marker based coordinate system

  • Calibrated results (mm/sec)

  • AVI recordings

  • Analysis of videos at any frame rate

eMotion workflow: Get results in 4 simple steps

Load slow-motion video


eMotion supports all common codecs and video formats incl. AVI and WMV 

Place markers


Point your mouse near a marker and it will be detected automatically. Tracking of different marker types incl. 5-point markers and 4-segment is supported.

Run analysis

Choose between fully-automatic, semi-automatic or manual analysis.

Export results


eMotion delivers pixels & mm output formats. eMotion is compatible with diadem analyzing software.

Products & Availability

eMotion MME

Multimarker tracking software with automotive MME compliance

64 Bit Version - Made for Windows 10


Multimarker tracking software

64 Bit Version - Made for Windows 10

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